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Poetry in Motion - B


Do you remember the feeling of holding a classic piece of origami paper in your hands? Even the layers fibre on the unprinted undersides felt textured but soft and smooth as you run your fingertips along the surface. The intricate and beautiful patterns on the printed side would always gleam and glow with a mix of matte and iridescent colour, both saturated. Even in the midst of repeated motifs and patterns, the details always melded together in a coordinated dance. How many patterns can you find hidden in this panel?

'Poetry in Motion' is a set of mini puzzle comprised of four panels that hints at tropical waves and can be arranged in a variety of ways, hence the continuous movement of energy found in poetry. Each panel can also stand on its own, telling its own story and igniting a burst of fresh, exciting energy through vibrant hues.

I think it's kind of like holding a tiny little window of colour and emotion in your hands. What do you think?

This listing is for the ONE panel.

Dimensions: 6"x6"x1.5"

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