This is ‘Lyric’. Like dancers who have a lyrical quality when moving fluidly or like the strains of favourite songs that transport us down memory lane, Lyric captivates the feeling of wonder and movement these moments give us. All it takes is an old favourite coming on the radio while driving or dancing in the kitchen in the arms of your favourite person. ⠀

The Dreamscapes paintings are an active reaction to an attempt to capture these universal feelings, these moments in time on a painting while whispering stories of hidden pasts, loves, dreams, hopes, and possibly, forgiveness. 

Each Dreamscape painting was created on stretched canvas using professional acrylic paint and three layers anti-dust varnish. The depth of each canvas is 1.5” and painted as a wraparound image. What shows up as yellow in the photos is actually a bronze-gold.

Dimensions: 18”x12”x1.5”

To read more about the story behind the Dreamscapes collection, please visit this blog post.

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