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Thank You Card (free download!)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (weekend) (American and international friends, hang in there with me)! What is one thing you are thankful for? I find practicing thankfulness helps me to keep a positive mindset and able to consider others more. Here are three things I'm thankful for:

1. These handmade stretcher bars and frames

2. The opportunity to teach little kids a second language and

3. Friends, family, and you - the greater Instagram, Facebook, online community - your support means su=o much to me and I love creating heirlooms and experiences that resonate with you. Honestly I couldn't imagine where I'd be today without the amazing support of community - people such as yourselves. 

To celebrate this season of Thanksgiving, I designed a little 'thank you' card that you can print or email to those near and dear to you. It's a 'Thanks for always being amazing!' card. It's free, and just an easy way for you to bring a smile to someone if you'd like to use it.