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My work is forever trying to adequately speak the languages of what is beautiful, honest and soothing.

Paintings that Move Painter and Viewer

Paintings that Move Painter and Viewer

As the second Bean Park painting wove its way to Ontario and found its new home, I took some time to think about what it means to create art that moves viewers. 

I stumbled across the following passage by Harold Speed while reading his book The Practice and Science of Drawing. Although it's an old book (first published in 1900), it's as relevant as it was then today. I have a tendency to over highlight so I'm consciously trying not to do that (otherwise the book would have more highlights than blank space)!

Beautiful things seem to put us in correspondence with a world the harmonies of which are more perfect, and bring a deeper peace than this imperfect life seems capable of yielding of itself. Our moments of peace are, I think, always associated with some form of beauty, of this spark of harmony within corresponding with some infinite source without.
— Excerpt From: Harold Speed. “The Practice and Science of Drawing.” iBooks.

It would be too much to make the claim that all art conveys a deeper meaning from the artist's perspective, But speaking for myself, I can say that I was focused on communicating the feeling of being by a flowing river on a crisp fall day in Ontario. The colours from that day and time were actually closer to the colours in Canoeing in Bean Park than Lone Kayak. That said, Lone Kayak has more spirit as I was experimenting with pastel colours to communicate the sense of peace that comes from being outdoors on the water.

Bean Park - Lone Kayak, work on paper

Bean Park - Lone Kayak, work on paper

Shared art is like theatre. It has an interactive element. My responsibility is to do my best to breathe life to a painting by capturing and communicating story elements which may or may not be picked up consciously (or subconsciously) by the viewer. The viewer is of course, welcome to read what they want into a piece and associate it with new memories and dreams. 

At this point, I'd like to thank Benson and Natasha for finding appeal in these Bean Park paintings and giving them new homes. I hope they bring brighten up your spaces for you and yours. <3 

Couldn’t wait for this piece to arrive! ‘Lone Kayak’ caught my eye immediately. Highly recommend checking out @gracelanesmithart and her work. 3 pieces in my collection now and counting... Thanks of the piece, Grace!
— Benson D.. @halfish1

Thanks for the shoutout, Benson!

This painting was an odd size - 7"x12". I'm grateful to the kind folks at the Down to Earth Art Gallery & Fine Framing who took the time to make recommendations on what colour white (this one has a slight tinge of pink to bring out the subtle pink in the glazes) to use and what size. The mat truly 'made' the painting - I loved how the extra space from the mat gave it room to 'breathe'. The mat and foam board (attached in the back) is acid free, museum quality and archival. Thank you Down-to-Earth!

Bean Park - Canoeing in Bean Park, work on paper

Bean Park - Canoeing in Bean Park, work on paper

'Canoeing in Bean Park,' on display around town. 

Spring and Life at the Antigonish Landing

Spring and Life at the Antigonish Landing

Be Delighted by a Whimsical World of Waves, Salty Air &amp; Seagulls

Be Delighted by a Whimsical World of Waves, Salty Air & Seagulls