Hi, I’m Grace - welcome and thanks for visiting.

I read middle school fiction shamelessly, calm my overly loud mind by taking long walks in nature and make things to release the build up of pent up energy. My work is forever trying to adequately speak the languages of what is beautiful, honest, healing and soothing.

My Second-Hand Behind the Scenes

My Second-Hand Behind the Scenes

Because every artist needs a partner-in-crime to help run a variety of tasks - I’m shining the spotlight on a crucial helper today. Honestly, it’s not just an idyllic afternoon of painting serenely all day, everyday. There are admin tasks to be done (photographing and editing images, SEO to learn, canvases to build, and sometimes, just simply a fresh pair of eyes to look at the work (you try sitting in front of an easel for a few hours and then see if your lines are straight… believe me, sometimes I feel cross-eyed after staring at the canvas for too long)!

So today, I want to introduce you to Ben, my amazing helper (and husband). He has pushed and continues pushing me to pursue my dreams and to be bold and authentic.

I believe life is a bigger adventure when it’s shared with those you love and it’s worth celebrating who they are and what they push us to do, don't you?

Ben is an integral part of the art creation around here. Together with my father-in-law, the two of them have been creating stretcher bars from raw wood over the last two years. Every bar I have now between ten inches and 28” long are handmade, hand cut from local Canadian bass or ash trees. 

Ben also…

  • Builds canvas frames

  • Stretches canvas 

  • And does all sorts of behind the scenes work - when I can’t reach a hook to hang a painting for a show, he’s there! 

 This about captures our relationship perfectly, doing the crazy, working in tandem together.

What about you? Who do you have supporting you that you can’t imagine doing without?

Don't Meet Your Heroes

Don't Meet Your Heroes

Purposeful Art for a Sustainable Philosophy

Purposeful Art for a Sustainable Philosophy