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My work is forever trying to adequately speak the languages of what is beautiful, honest and soothing.

Gallery Opening for 'Poetry in Motion'

Gallery Opening for 'Poetry in Motion'


I was completely overwhelmed by how super positive and supportive everyone has been - all of you from the Instagram and Facebook community, along with friends and family who live far away, local businesses and organizations that supported the opening of the art show by sharing and re-sharing the event, putting up posters and all the kind words. 

So many of you have asked how the show went - so I thought I’d share a little bit about the day. 


I really didn’t know what to expect, so went in with no expectations and was very happily surprised with how well it went. There was a steady turn out and the day flew by, from getting up in the morning to cut carrot sticks and make hummus for refreshments to packing up at the end of the day. It simply felt like there wasn’t enough time to meet and talk with each person who showed up. It was fascinating to hear how each person interacted with the paintings and hear how the both the art and the stories behind each one made different people feel. 

The local newspaper came and that was pretty exciting. To be honest, it felt like I was attending someone else’s show - it all felt a little surreal, but it seemed that everyone who was there enjoyed themselves. 

Preparing for this show had me thinking deeply about how the paintings can be a form of therapy - for viewers. Some of it is quite abstract - reminding us how our inner lives are vibrant, and despite the everyday chaos in our lives, we can find order and live boldly. Meanwhile, the landscapes yearns to remind us to pause and take care of ourselves and each other, to rest and experience the feelings again of being full and whole the last time we took time to rest and soak in the quiet of the outdoors, where we can be ourselves, no titles, zero expectations. 

Special thanks to The Antigonish People’s Town and County Library for hosting, Maritime Art List and Antigonish Culture Alive for sharing the event in your newsletters, The Posh Peppermint for the gorgeous spring blooms, The Casket for the interview and Natasha MacKinnon and Ben Lane-Smith for the photography and set up support. 

Show will be up all of February.


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