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A Look Behind-the-Scenes at the Process of a Large Custom Statement Piece - Mountain Song

A painter continually searches for the lowest common denominator. The single ‘word’ or brushstroke that will convey meaning in themost economic fashon. The symbols or marks the painter chooses can never be the actual landscape, but they can communicate the same emotion and serve as an analogy to the impression. - Mitchell Albala

Choosing custom work

It was wonderful reconnecting with Jenny, an old friend from university and catch up on where we were at in life. I was so happy to hear about the newest chapter in her life - graduating from professional school and moving to downtown Toronto to work at a high profile Canadian company. It was here that she reached out and asked if I could create something for her to hang above her bed facing the waterfront.

Of course I was thrilled. Since she wasn’t sure if she wanted something that already existed from my Instagram or something created just for her, we talked about what she had in mind. After discussing that she wanted a landscape painting based on her travels,

A Meaningful Commissioned Wedding Gift

When Brent, a friend-turned-client approached me about helping him create a meaningful painting for his friends’ wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. Having just had my own wedding last year, I was thrilled to help him revisit a treasured memory shared with friends and create something beautiful and lasting out of it in the form of a painting.

The shared memory Brent wanted painted comes from a meaningful moment created while working as a camp counsellor with the couple. Together they created a model of a boat at sea during a stormy night, with footsteps emerging from the vessel. The entire model was to represent courage. The wedding gift was  meant to be more than a simple throwback to this time, but a way to commemorate the summers spent together, and the happy memories shared between friends.