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Nadiya recently moved to a new city with her fiancé. Together they set up their home to be a place where they could unwind at the end of a long day and kick back with a glass of wine and some nibbles. Nadiya’s put out flowers in a vase in the entryway and hung a gallery wall of family photos in the hall. The space is all set up, both beautiful and functional but something is missing. There are blank spaces on her wall that are just… blank. Since moving to the city, Nadiya has walked past a small art gallery close to home a several times. A few beautiful pieces, both large and small have caught her eye. She knows from styling her wedding that decor makes a huge difference to the mood of a room. But as much as she wants to go into the gallery to inquire about a piece, she's just felt too intimidated to go in. 

Why I Use Art to Help You Live Better in a Noisy World

One of the many gifts from this life changing event was learning how easy it is to burnout, how long the recovery process is, and how sometimes, you couldn’t quite take back the same level of healthiness prior to an injury.

But being more sensitive to stimuli didn’t mean I was cut off from everything interesting forever. I learned how much the atmosphere of a room can really affect a person’s mood, and even physical wellbeing.