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3 Questions to Identifying Your Visual Style

3 Questions to Identifying Your Visual Style

The sun is finally out and as I type this, there are robins and chickadees chirping outside my window. That alone is enough to help me forget the soft layer of snow on the grass. How about you? Wherever you are, I hope you're feeling the rush of spring as winter loosens its grip. 

Last week on the blog I shared some thoughts on spring cleaning and choosing to keep favourite things. For me that includes an old shirt. It's been, oh, 'only' repaired maybe... seven times? I also keep various pieces of art, both by others and by myself since they add a lovely feel of summer and rest to my lovely, tiny home, chasing away the chill of winter. One of my favourite items is a a recipe card for sugar cookies printed on an old printing press from a local history museum not too far from here.



What about you? Can you think of some special items that bring a little smile to you each time you see or run your fingers over? These are the items to hang onto as they serve as storytelling threads in your life. 

But then, with spring, it does often feel like excitement and change in the air, but where to start once spring cleaning is all done? Spring cleaning can take a lot of energy, and feeling able to redecorate, after... well... right? 

I'm going to share a three tips with you that's can help you find your style and hopefully inspire you, bringing back a dose of energy. 'Finding your style' is simply a fancy way of saying what you like or don't like. Take a look at the items you love around you and ask yourself: 

  • Can I narrow these down to 5-7 items? Keeping a short list of curated items can help you identify your style much quicker and perhaps with greater accuracy. We are complex people, with likes, dislikes and tastes for perhaps a variety of styles. The point is to narrow it down to 1 or 2 styles to get a better picture of what you like, rather than be overwhelmed with a ton of choice. 
  • With your 5-7 curated items, ask yourself - What do I like about this? Is it the neutral colours that are soothing to the eye? Is it the happy patterns that add a touch of cheer? Does it have modern/classic/freewheeling/delicate lines? Labelling the visual and/or tactile qualities of an item can go a long way to help you find your style.
  • Now here's the fun part... mood boarding! Simply gather images similar to your chosen items and group them together to identify patterns. The key is to see if you can identify a dominant style that you gravitate to and if you like, a secondary, supporting style. 

There are no right or wrong answers here and at the end of the day, so go with your gut. It can be helpful to see how designers allocate images to interior decor labels. I've included examples including modern, natural and cottage looks with mood boards on the blog today. There's even a special office makeover mood board specially prepared by the lovely Meredith, of The Designer DIY from Owen Sound, ON for you to see! (Thanks, Meredith!)



Next steps, I'd love to see what you come up with - upload a picture of your curated items/mood board/what you do with it and use the hashtag #understatedgraces to share your process with the community! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to have your photo shared.

A Few Favourite Interior Styles & Using Mood Boards

A Few Favourite Interior Styles & Using Mood Boards

Spring Cleaning & Choosing Your Favourite Things

Spring Cleaning & Choosing Your Favourite Things