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Artistic Souls Gallery Auctions

Artistic Souls Gallery Auctions

Nadiya recently moved to a new city with her fiancé. Together they set up their home to be a place where they could unwind at the end of a long day and kick back with a glass of wine and some nibbles. Nadiya’s put out flowers in a vase in the entryway and hung a gallery wall of family photos in the hall. The space is all set up, both beautiful and functional but something is missing. There are blank spaces on her wall that are just… blank. Since moving to the city, Nadiya has walked past a small art gallery close to home a several times. A few beautiful pieces, both large and small have caught her eye. She knows from styling her wedding that decor makes a huge difference to the mood of a room. But as much as she wants to go into the gallery to inquire about a piece, she's just felt too intimidated to go in. 

Sometimes I hear stories of how people are scared of visiting a gallery for fear of not being knowledgeable art or feeling intimated by the (sometimes) lofty air a gallery may have. While this is definitely not the case for many galleries (there are so many lovely ones out there and most are willing to talk with you!), this can understandably be a difficult thing for someone who’s never stepped into one before. 

And while there are people who would prefer to engage with a gallery and avoid contact with the artist, there are others who are much happier buying directly from the artist, interacting with them and getting to know their story, as well as, in some cases, have the artist get to know them. 

But how to find the right piece of art for your space when there are so many artists out there? 

You could…

  1. Find info about artists on the web and check out artists one by one
  2. Go on social media and be hit with a barrage of artists

While there is no right or wrong approach…

  • The first can be time consuming and you never quite know if you’ve missed finding the perfect piece of art simply because the resource hadn’t cropped up.
  • The second could be difficult because of the overabundance of information. Our senses become overwhelmed with simply too much choice.

This brings us back to galleries. There’s a certain understanding that they’ve already done the vetting and found quality art that suit their aesthetic and while there is choice, the choice is limited, so there’s less choice overwhelm, less envisioning needed to visualize the piece in, say, the master bedroom or nursery.

But what if you can’t get to a gallery or simply would prefer to speak directly with the artist? 

That’s where online galleries can come into play.

This month I’m honoured and excited to write about Artistic Souls Gallery Auctions. It’s a young online gallery that takes on an easy-to-use auction model and uses a Facebook group as its platform for simplicity and approachability, opening its ‘doors’ to audiences worldwide. 

There are a select number of 40 juried artists that will be taking turns showcasing their work starting this month. This means each artist was chosen for the quality of work and consistency, and for bonus points, approachability. Don’t worry, we don’t bite :) 

New to auctions? Here’s how it works (courtesy of Artistic Souls Gallery Auctions):

- You will see several things on every post:

  • Start bid: this is the minimum bid that will be accepted for the work
  • Bid inc: this is how much you must bid over the previous high bid
  • Bin: this is the buy it now price for the work. Once you comment this amount or bin, all bidding stops and you are the winner of that piece.

- To place a bid, simply leave a comment with the amount you are bidding

- Once you have won an item, the artist will contact you directly via pm within 24 hours to arrange payment. You are expected to pay for your item within 24 hours unless you have made other arrangements with the artist. 

Please note that all prices are in USD.  

Artists will be showcasing visual art, sculpture, ceramic and jewellery so there is a wide range to choose from. 

Here is a sneak peek of artists showcasing at the auction:


Teresa Andrews (ceramic)
Sylvia Larkin (sculpture)
Marianne Vellis Goodell (fine art and jewellery)
Art by Mary Ellen (abstract fine art)
Barbara Youngman (figurative fine art)
Kat Fedora (mixed media fine art)
Katy Rodrigues (figurative fine art)
Ursula Wollenberg (fine art)
Pamela Hayward Art (fine art)
Lindsay Vanhove (sculpture and ceramics)
Deborah Quintana (mixed media fine art)
Katrina Gorman (mixed media fine art)

And many more. 

I am honoured to be a participating artist at Artistic Souls Gallery Auctions. My upcoming dates are:

April 22-23
April 29 - May 1
May 20-22

Need Help Choosing?

Over the next few weeks the other artists and I will showcase some works I'll have on auction over on Instagram and Facebook. Come say hi over at the group and on our individual social media pages! If there's something specific you're looking for or if even if you're not sure what you want but know what room you want it, come let us know in the group or contact us individually. Either the artist you're speaking to or the admins will be happy to help you find the perfect heirloom piece. 

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