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Spring Cleaning & Choosing Your Favourite Things

Spring Cleaning & Choosing Your Favourite Things

Spring Checklist.

Spring brings with it the excitement of possibilities, dreams of sunshine, flowers bursting into bloom, if you're lucky. If you're like me, you're still checking the weather channel every morning dreaming for the day when double digits hit the roof!


Spring for many people bring on thoughts of spring cleaning and with that, thoughts of how to spiffy up a space, what to keep, things that serve you well and are well loved, and what to toss (maybe that old shirt that's been patched up too many times? I have a hard time with my absolute favourite items. 

Exhibit A: Had this shirt for oven ten years, maybe twelve, maybe fifteen. Who knows. It's old, the straps have been repaired more times than I can count, I tore a mofo of a hole in it last year and walked around with skin showing... (the hole has been repaired, you may be relieved to know). It's also starting to not sit right but.... 

I love it. Absolutely, love, love, love, love it. 

I can't explain why. It's just... love at first sight, then because... you know that feeling, the Over Thinker Syndrome? Yeah, that. After visualizing it in my life, some, 'Ah, do I really want this? annnnnnd sold. 

Actually, I was a little scared to wear it, it didn't quite suit my tomboyish look at the time but something inside said, 'Yes, it's okay to have an inner girly girl.'  

And it has been a long-term commitment of love. Every time I wear it, I love it. Even though it's falling apart now. 

Here it is!!

Photography by Lidya Denisa Petean 

Photography by Lidya Denisa Petean 

Do you ever feel that way? Like when you see a favourite shirt, chair, or book? I'm a super picky person and live in a small space (one bedroom for two!!) so everything here has to matter, has to mean something.

Here are some questions I ask:

1. Can I visualize where it will go? 

e.g. favourite painting - can I see it in my entryway? Do I love it so much that I will shuffle things around and make room for it? Sometimes I do this seasonally, moving things around to freshen up my space.

2. Is it well made? 

3. Is it ethically/ecologically responsible? (Read more about my thoughts on that here in how I approach art)

4. Does it have something to say (aka not generic - this is the creative in me speaking!) 

5. Do I love it?  

There are no hard and fast rules for what checklist a person keeps to adding or subtracting an item to a space, but these are some checklist questions that are important to me. But it is helpful when reflecting on your space and life and considering whether something will speak to who you are as a person or your values. 

In my next post I’ll introduce a couple of mood boards and room decor styles, including an actual mood board a client featuring a couple of my paintings for her home office makeover. 

What are some of your favourite items and why? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook/Instagram. Can't wait to read you. 


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