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'Poetry in Motion,' a collection of water paintings

'Poetry in Motion,' a collection of water paintings

It is with much excitement (and jitters!) that I share with you all today the info about my upcoming show, 'Poetry in Motion,' happening all February at the Antigonish Town & County Library. The show will open officially at 3pm - come chat, bring a plus one, a friend, a coworker, your kids, and enjoy seeing the art live and a bite to eat. I'm deciding what beverage to bring... any wines to recommend? 


This collection of paintings is all based around the idea of movement and water - a never-ending cycle of energy that has both energetic and quiet moments. While I was painting water before moving to the Maritimes in 2016, this theme has really kicked off to become a living thread that runs through both my abstract and representational forms of landscape painting. With such vast, awe-inspiring, majestic sights (hello, highlands and oceans!) all around in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, how can one not be moved by such natural beauty?

Come share your stories with me and each other of how you too are moved by the natural sights around you, in Nova Scotia and on your travels. 

Friends living far away, I invite you too to comment below with stories of being moved and refreshed, either by catching quick glimpses of natural beauty or deliberate trips into nature to reflect, reconnect, or refresh. 

Here are a few  of the paintings that will be on display next month at Antigonish Town & County Library. Many thanks to Elizabeth Glinz for making this possible! 

I will be running a 10% sale for the pieces in the show once I upload them to the shop. This discount is applicable for all subscribers. Comment below if you have questions about getting your name on the list :) 

Hope to see you at the show!

Does public speaking give your the jitters or do you have the gift of the gab?

Does public speaking give your the jitters or do you have the gift of the gab?

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