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Be inspired by healing landscapes and soulful abstracts, made especially for you.

My work is forever trying to adequately speak the languages of what is beautiful, honest and soothing.

Be Delighted by a Whimsical World of Waves, Salty Air & Seagulls

Be Delighted by a Whimsical World of Waves, Salty Air & Seagulls

Be Delighted by a Whimsical World of Waves, Salty Air and Seagulls

Lately I've been focusing on a new body of work. The recurring water theme (click here to see representational artwork of water) is still very prevalent but I decided to change course by revisiting the more whimsical style I worked on in 2015 and explore a more abstract portrayal of water, beaches, the coast, and towns. 

It all started with some basic sketches. These drawings then morphed into cards.


Finding Inspiration - Motifs

I think we really do walk around as the sum total of what we absorb through our experiences of the world around us. The water theme makes sense. I’ve always been drawn to water. While I’m not a boater (I would probably steer us in up the river instead of down), I grew up surrounded by boats - fishing boats, sampans, ferries. Sleepy fishing villages were never far from home. And honesty, there’s something romantic about an idyllic hazy summer day with boats tied to a dock, bobbing above the waves. 

What about the seagulls? I’ll let you in on a little secret - some days I wish I could take the form of a bird. Not a seagull per say, just a bird flying wherever she pleases, watching the world below. Seagulls are in no way my favourite type of bird but I think I’m drawn to them for what they represent. Summer days with family, watching my mother feed the birds, and vacationing with Ben on our honeymoon last year. It comes as no surprise that we spent a fair amount of time on the water by Lake Huron and Lake Erie. The stillness of the mornings and evenings, with nothing making noise or movement but seagulls, the rolling waves, and the occasional sleepy townsperson walking down the beach are little snapshots forever captured in my memory.



So between these three motifs, the sights, sounds and memories they evoke, I dived in to explore these motifs further. First came a 'draft' on a large swatch of unstretched canvas. The desire to work large is an itch that I haven't been quite able to scratch...


Then came more sketches, and works on canvas and paper.


Close-Ups of Bird/Water Motifs - Works on Paper

Click to enlarge!

Over to you! how would you display one of these VIGNETTES in your living room?

These guys (above) have surprised me and I love how they turned out. Now the question is, should I leave them as is, frame them in a shadowbox (it's what I have at the moment), mat them, or do something else? The matting would make great gifts that can be easily shipped and they do look so nice behind the mat. That said, the mat cuts off more than I imagined, which bugs me since they're small and attention to detail is important to the pieces. What do you think? Help a girl decide? Imagine one of the above in your living room. How would you display it?

Click to enlarge!

Here they are again - pictures of other pieces coming soon in another blog post. Enjoy!


Do you see whimsical worlds where you live?
Hint: The key is to slow down and see the world in miniature through the eyes of these smaller creatures.

Paintings that Move Painter and Viewer

Paintings that Move Painter and Viewer

First Post!

First Post!