For as long as I can remember, I have always loved designing my spaces with pictures that invite the viewer to feel uplifted or embark on an adventure. Anything but bare and generic walls.

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Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. My art is inspired by love stories and the the natural landscapes around me. The blog is an opportunity to document this journey, the inspirations, lessons learned and new finds along the way.


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Art isn’t just for the ‘Don’t Touch’ wall in a museum, it can be a living, breathing part of our homes

Winters are long here and the days are short. Coupled with city life it can be very emotionally and mentally draining on a person, especially if your work asks you to bring a lot of focus and emotional investment to the table. 

You may already know that having quiet and a space to think deeply centres you and helps you feel grounded.

Are you ready to pour back into you? 


My story.

After finishing teacher’s college, I taught painting in some of Toronto’s hottest date spots for a few years. This all came to a screeching halt after a concussion and burn out resulted in short-term memory loss. During my recovery, I found it hard to do the simplest tasks - reading for example, hurt my head. Although the ‘brain fog’ made me feel tired all the time ('My brain is tired,’ became a very physical thing) and concentrating was taxing, it also made me question my worth and I became very bored and frustrated. It was in this time that I decided to paint therapeutically as a form of expression, to give my dream a real shot. So I started sharing my work on Instagram and eventually launched a website and shop. This turned out to be a life-changing moment and I haven’t looked back since.

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My desire is to capture the moments that take your breath away, where all the senses are engaged and uplifted and transform it in such a way that you can hang it on your walls and have it fill your entire space.


For the city

What this means is, if you’re a busy town or city dweller longing to get away but can’t seem to find the time to refill your soul as much as you’d like by getting away into nature, I paint waterscapes and landscapes with you in mind. I create these pieces with the purpose of supporting you in creating your own at home oasis and to help you refresh and rest.


For the country

For those who don’t need to bring nature into their homes because they are in a position to enjoy it around them, I create art that express the feeling of being moved by something magnificent and the moments in time when you feel most alive, like watching the most breathtaking sunset with your favourite person in the world. This is especially the case with the more abstract approach I take with some of my work. There is no need for paintings to compete with the therapeutic effects of nature, so instead, the art complements the natural world around it. These paintings aim at helping you to press pause and honour the deep stirrings of the soul.


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