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Why Would an Eco-Ethos Mean Better Art?

I noticed how much packaging waste is created every day so I made the conscious decision to breathe new life into packaging materials. As a result, you also receive customized boxes cut to the size of your product for a better fit.

Having worked for a Toronto arts company and ordered large shipments of pre-stretched canvas, I’ve seen first hand how many of these products are imported in a container, travelling long distances without a transparent understanding of fair wages. For the ethically conscious home styling maven, you’d be happy to hear that we bypass this problem as I stretch and prime the majority of my canvases by hand.

This eco-ethos for sustainable practices extended itself two winters ago to choosing Canadian made stretcher bars to reduce the travel footprint of materials. Last summer, I took this a step further - together with my husband and father-in-law, we sourced raw wood from a wood mill as well as large trees being removed from a campground (they were dead and looked like a safety hazard after the many storms they had endured over the years), to strip down for projects, some of which became stretcher bars.

I hope to continue and expand on this eco-ethos though a lot of it is trial and error, and being open to what’s possible.