Art, Art Show

Does public speaking give your the jitters or do you have the gift of the gab?


I'm excited (and to be honest, slightly jittery) as I prepare for my upcoming solo show, 'Poetry in Motion'. It really hit me today that this was really happening as I walked around the town, visiting the town hall, various shops, and inns asking if they would take a poster. 

As much as I love connecting with people, the idea of hosting my first gallery opening gave my stomach butterflies. Public speaking! Oh. My.  

Today was a taste of that - running around the town putting up posters. I'd say I'm about 75% done postering the town. Some visits were short, others were... surprisingly long. It was truly a wonderful experience to connect with various people around town. One particular stop was a boutique I hadn't noticed before. They opened at the end of summer last year and is the cutest little boutique called 'The Posh Peppermint'. The moment the doors open, it's easy to understand why - the smell of peppermint welcomes you. If it wasn't for getting out over my nerves to meet new people and pass around posters, I would never have met the lovely ladies who run the boutique. Friends planning to visit Antigonish, this is THE place we'd bring you to find a unique souvenir to take home!

The show opens on February 3rd and will run all month long at the Antigonish Town & County Library. I'll be hosting a gallery opening on the 3rd from 3pm-5pm with the help of my fabulous husband, Ben. Come visit, join in, bring a friend or two and connect with each other and myself about how the landscape has moved you - whether here in Nova Scotia or on travels. 

Today's blog post goes into the story behind the show, 'Poetry in Motion'. Hop on over here for this quick read and join in the conversation. 

How do you feel about public speaking? Is it a learned skill for you or do you have the 'gift of the gab'? 

Curious minds want to know :)