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Why You Need to Know Flipping the 'OFF' Switch = Better Problem-Solving

Hands up if you're a big hearted introvert! Just kidding, usually introverts aren't great at the whole 'hands up, draw attention to me' kind of thing, right? But the internet seems to be a great place for us to add our voices, party it loud and proud... behind a screen.


Here's a little secret - I am a massive introvert and I guard my *quiet time* like a ferocious lion. Are you a big hearted introvert that loves people but feel drained afterwards? That's me, and sometimes that can result in something like an *off switch* where some serious quiet time is needed - yes, even away from all the wonderful relationships built on Instagram and Facebook.



Do you crave *ahem* - need - to unplug from people and technology? How do you deal? For many visionary introverts, I believe this off-switch time often comes at the end of a long stretch of pumping out creative energy, connecting deeply and thinking big.


You definitely don’t have to be in a ‘traditional’ creative field to be pumping out creative energy. We do it all the time. Are you striving to find a cure for cancer? Are you a therapist? Are you a climate change advocate? Or perhaps you’re a human resources manager trying to figure out the best way to problem solve. All of us use creative energy to problem solve in the best way possible everyday. And it can be utterly draining.

 'Oceans' is a restful piece that is now proudly owned by a collector in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

'Oceans' is a restful piece that is now proudly owned by a collector in Ottawa, ON, Canada.


This almost, 'black out' time - is needed to recoup mentally, emotionally, (yes physically too, sleep is good. I see you there, getting five hours of sleep and drinking coffee, friend!). And it’s often in this ‘off-switch’ time that ‘Aha!’ moments of creative problem solving happen. This can happen:


A)    Late at night

B)    In the wee hours of the morning, when you’re still half asleep

C)    In the shower (yes, yes, this actually happens)

D)    While reading a book or watching Netflix


Are you seeing a connection here?




Resting and actively choosing to relax can be an effective way not only for you to recharge, but for your brain to problem solve.


This is what I needed the past few weeks. My brain would go into turbo mode for a couple of months leading to the ‘off’ switch, then it will go ‘beep, beep, beep’ in warning and flick the off switch.



Goodbye Facebook.


Goodbye Instagram.


Goodbye deep creative thinking. (The worse. This is critical to deep work).


The takeaway is deep rest is critical for creative connections and problem solving. Tweet that.

If you are looking for permission to take a break from keeping up with (fill in the blank: social media, your own perfectionistic standards, xyz), you have permission to take a breather. This is the sign :) 

I’d love to hear how you deal with mental crashes and being drained. Let me know in the comments below or connect on Instagram/Facebook with me.