CLOSED Problems with living in a shoebox... = my gift to you


Please note, this sale is now closed. Thank you for your interest and participation!


I'm excited to announce some special news today! Our FIRST YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY was this past weekend so I'm throwing a flash sale to celebrate!! Words cannot express how incredibly grateful and touched I am by the support and friendship from so many of you, especially since Ben and I moved to a new town and new province and knew not a soul when we came. Your kind words, willingness to share your stories, good humour and suggestions have all been taken to heart and has made this transition so much easier. So THANK YOU!

Also, our first apartment is on the small side. We love our sweet and cheerful shoebox but it's true that it is struggling to house our painting collection what with commission orders, frames arriving, and plans for new bodies of work. Will you help us find homes for some of these babies? I would be so grateful!

Since so many of you live far away and having tea together isn't very easy, here is an open invitation to come tour our first home. Also, I'm always open to Skype coffee dates - so PM me if you want an excuse to take a mid afternoon break for a coffee or tea date!

Home Sweet Home - A tour of our Shoebox! <3

Maybe you've been wanting a little spring flare to decorate your own hallway, bathroom or guest room after a dreary winter, or perhaps you know someone who just moved into a new apartment and are looking for the perfect housewarming gift. With summer just around the corner, we all have friends or family who are tying the knot. Why not send artwork (instead of a fifth crockpot) to help decorate a couple's first home as a married couple? 

So onto the exciting stuff...!

Flash sale Paintings! 

Most of these babies will be 'retired' once this sale is over since Ben and I are running out of wall space. So now's your time to get a lovely piece you may've seen earlier before it's gone! 

Presenting.... *drum roll, strobe lights, and curtain please!* 

SPECIAL SALE - completed Whimsical Worlds on canvas paintings created with love as part of the exploratory process! $90 each

TWO 'Whimsical Worlds' paintings - on canvas
Click here for more info on these paintings!

SAVE 25%!! Code: SHOEBOX10
TWO 'Marshlands in Oliphant' paintings - on canvas panels -
Click here for more info on the painting on the right (painting on the left is not listed, but the same details apply - it's called 'Dreamscape'). 

SAVE 25%!! Code: SHOEBOX25

Top Right: Click here for more info on 'Fiery Sunset #2' - on canvas
FOUR 'Serenity' paintings - on canvas
Top Left: Click here for more info on 'Serenity #2' - on canvas
Bottom Left: Click here for more info on 'Serenity #4' - on canvas
Bottom Centre: Click here for more info on 'Serenity #1' - on canvas
Bottom Right: Click here for more info on 'Serenity #5' - on canvas

SAVE 25%!! Code: SHOEBOX10

Left: Click here for more info on 'Quiet Reflection' - on canvas panel
Right: Click here for more info on 'Wine Night' - on canvas panel

SAVE 25%!! Code: SHOEBOX25 - for painting on the left
SAVE 10%!! Code: SHOEBOX10 - for painting on the right

Left: Click here for more info on 'Waves on Canvas Panel' - on canvas panel
SOLD Right: Click here for more info on 'Tranquility' - on canvas

'Lake Froth'

Bubbling, gurgling, chuckling... this is the voice of the lake...

Click here for more info on 'Lake Froth'!

SAVE 15%!! Code: SHOEBOX15


“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea’ - Sylvia Earle.

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SAVE 20%!! Code: SHOEBOX20