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The desire for my art is to be a service to which I listen deeply to the yearnings of the hearts of visionaries.


Purposeful Art for a Sustainable Philosophy

As a quiet child, growing up in cities was a constant source of stress where my primary escape from the clutter, enclosed spaces and noise of the city was through paintings and books, preferably the ones that transported me to wide open spaces with rolling clouds, open seas and golden fields. Now I am surrounded by the very places I had only visited through visual images and the written word, but have less time than ever before. 

One of my core values is a deep belief in sustainability. To be sustainable is to be physically and emotionally healthy, and that means carving out space to rest the body and mind, to invest in what really matters, each other. While most things lost can be found again, time cannot be replaced.

But whether you grew up surrounded by natural beauty and are reminiscing those times by the lake, or you simply couldn’t get out enough, my artistic work was created to impart moments of solitary time, to transport you to wide open spaces where unnecessary noise is quieted, replaced by a stillness found in nature. Here you can think big, dream big, release the backpack of mental energy of all the ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ‘have-tos’ that weigh on your shoulders and be yourself. 

The time and space to think clearly and to reconnect with your values and who you are shouldn’t be a luxury barricaded by geographic location, responsibilities or health barriers. My hope is that the paintings you see allows you to release pent up energy and stress. May you find yourself and those you share your living spaces with feeling a little lighter, refreshed and able to pass on the tranquility or vibrant vibes you find here.

  Photo by Wasim Hossain

Photo by Wasim Hossain

The two paintings I bought bring me so much joy, as I look at them daily!!!
— Anne Aberdeen
Couldn’t wait for this piece to arrive! ‘Lone Kayak’ caught my eye immediately. Highly recommend checking out @gracelanesmithart and her work. 3 pieces in my collection now and counting... Thanks of the piece, Grace!
— Benson D., @halffish1

Artist Statement

The collection of works presented in ‘Poetry in Motion’ is a cumulation of an exploratory process where Grace explores a vibrant inner landscape and refined outer landscape through her paintings. Water is a never-ending theme that flows through her body of work, observed in abstraction and representational forms. 

While she is constantly open to catching glimpses of nature’s vast beauty, a rich inner thought life also sought to be expressed. The repeated motifs and patterns in her more abstract work hint at the belief of finding order in the chaos of everyday living. The desire to find a window of calm and great beauty that moves her core is constantly sought in the natural beauty so prevalent in Nova Scotia’s landscape. Yet the crossover is very present in both her abstracted and representational work - the more vibrant, abstracted pieces yearn for order, hinting at a strong inner core through bold shapes and repeated patterns, while the more subdued landscapes cannot be restrained from softly flowing masses, alluding to the ever-present spirit of movement found in the natural world. 





Grace C. Lane-Smith’s nature-centric art is driven by the constant desire to capture the emotional response to the elusive qualities how nature is ever changing. Her love for painting began around five on Sunday afternoons when her parents would catch up with an old friend, a gallery owner while Grace wandered up and down the aisles, ‘falling’ into each scene, each world, each painting, as only a child with an overactive imagination could do. As an adult artist, she is constantly striving to recapture that sense of ‘falling’ into each painting and hopes to convey this same spellbinding experience for those who interact with her art. 

Grace taught painting and organized social and team building events around painting in Toronto, Ontario in 2013, until a concussion on a summers day in 2015 changed everything. With her concussion came memory loss and a struggle to interact with the written word. Communicating through colour and expressive brushstrokes became more than an old passion, taking on the role of a way of communication and healing. The loss of her job opened up new doors as she started the uphill climb to recovery. This door was the pivotal decision to finally launch publicly as an artist. 

She has also served as a a volunteer docent at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario in 2008. In 2017, her work was on display at Round Hill Studio in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia for her first group show, and sold via Next Door in Fredricton, New Brunswick. She has also been interviewed by Bailey Hurley for her ‘Inspiring Innovators’ series. Grace continues to show, take on commissions and create new work for her online shop and can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and here on her website. Her first solo show is currently on display at The Peoples' Place Antigonish Town and County Library.  

Grace has made Nova Scotia her home and is currently living in Antigonish with her husband Ben who assists in building canvases and cutting stretcher bars from scratch. When she is not painting, Grace can be found outdoors with a camera in hand seeking new inspiration or watching a cooking show and trying out a new recipe.