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Art for people who love deeply with wild abandon.


There are these eruptions of emotion in your work… so even when it shows something soothing or calm, you can actually FEEL the storm around it. You can FEEL the emotions circling it and you realize this is a fleeting moment of quiet in a sea of passion.’

‘You are like a storm that whips your face with rain and wind, you are ferocious in your emotions. You have all this huge emotion stored, but you are trying to restrain it, holding it back and expressing yourself through a brush instead of a bucket. I feel like your art is just waiting to explode on the canvas.
— Shauna Bennis, Artist, Austria

Artist Statement

My paintings are a journal that document an active chase in creating memories. To do this, I have learned to value living fully alive in the moment. Growing up, my dad always had a camera - he was the guy who carried giant camcorders around on his shoulder wherever he went and taught me to take as many pictures as possible, ‘For the memories,’ and, ‘You never know when you may need references for your art someday.’ When I met my husband, he taught me to live in the moment and that the little things are as, if not more, important than the big things. 

I am motivated by love stories and adventuring with my loved ones. Oftentimes this takes the form of exploring the outdoors to ‘reset’ my mind and feel human again after being indoors all day. The magic happens when I share the experience with another person. The rush of feeling fully alive comes from knowing I am a small speck in the universe, but sharing it with my favourite person in the world is exhilarating. Trying to capture these emotions in words and being pushed to creative expression is but a shadow of how I feel. I let go to fully feel and draw from the depths of my emotions to add saturation to muted colours found in nature when making colour choices.

I am deeply thankful that my collectors enjoy my work and that I can work from home. As a person of habit, I am at my creative best with some routine and environmental cues. It is both a need and desire for a warm, inviting space that motivates me to paint and design new work in a very personal signature style.  

Photo by Leslie Estelle Photography

Photo by Leslie Estelle Photography

The two paintings I bought bring me so much joy, as I look at them daily!!!
— Anne Aberdeen
Couldn’t wait for this piece to arrive! ‘Lone Kayak’ caught my eye immediately. Highly recommend checking out @gracelanesmithart and her work. 3 pieces in my collection now and counting... Thanks of the piece, Grace!
— Benson D., @halffish1


Grace’s paintings and prints can be found in private collections across Canada and the US including Toronto, Ottawa, California and Texas. Her work has been shown in online features and in solo and group exhibitions in Nova Scotia.

Grace’s art is described as romantic and freeing while being simultaneously soulful and calming. She has her A-Levels in Art & Design and Textiles Design, along with a BA (Hons) in Theatre, which set the foundation for her to approach her work from multiple creative lenses. When she is in the zone, Grace is fully immersed in her explorations and will binge one podcast after another or turn the music way up as she builds translucent layers of colour or fashions bold marks. She works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Most of these canvases are built using stretcher bars her family cuts from sustainably sourced Ontario wood. 

Grace has lived in both Hong Kong SAR and various cities in Ontario. She has found her dream home and currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband. When she is not in the studio, she can be found promoting emotional health for women during pregnancy as a digital communications specialist for the University of Calgary or teaching English to children in China. She is a pho snob and will rate every bowl she eats. 

Honoured to be seen on

Wandering Weddings (Vendor) (2018)

Be You and Thrive (2018)

Bailey T. Hurley (2017)

Purposeful Art for a Sustainable Philosophy

As a quiet child, growing up in cities was a constant source of stress where my primary escape from the clutter, enclosed spaces and noise of the city was through paintings and books, preferably the ones that transported me to wide open spaces with rolling clouds, open seas and golden fields. Now I am surrounded by the very places I had only visited through visual images and the written word, but have less time than ever before. 

One of my core values is a deep belief in sustainability. To be sustainable is to be physically and emotionally healthy, and that means carving out space to rest the body and mind, to invest in what really matters, each other. While most things lost can be found again, time cannot be replaced.

But whether you grew up surrounded by natural beauty and are reminiscing those times by the lake, or you simply couldn’t get out enough, my artistic work was created to impart moments of solitary time, to transport you to wide open spaces where unnecessary noise is quieted, replaced by a stillness found in nature. Here you can think big, dream big, release the backpack of mental energy of all the ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ‘have-tos’ that weigh on your shoulders and be yourself. 

The time and space to think clearly and to reconnect with your values and who you are shouldn’t be a luxury barricaded by geographic location, responsibilities or health barriers. My hope is that the paintings you see allows you to release pent up energy and stress. May you find yourself and those you share your living spaces with feeling a little lighter, refreshed and able to pass on the tranquility or vibrant vibes you find here.