The Dreamscapes Collection

The Dreamscapes paintings are an active reaction to an attempt to capture universal feelings, moments in time on a painting while whispering stories of hidden pasts, loves, dreams, hopes, and possibly, forgiveness. 


Each Dreamscape painting has been created on stretched canvas using professional acrylic paint and three layers anti-dust varnish. The depth of each canvas is 1.5” and painted as a wraparound image. What shows up as yellow in the photos is actually a bronze-gold.

These paintings were shown at Sherbrooke Village Cooperative Art Gallery in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia (Summer 2018).

Read more about the Dreamscape paintings here: The Dreamscapes Collection - A Soulful Response to Chopin and Gershwin

Ocean Studies

They are perfectly imperfect as they were created as inspirations for the commission ‘Song of the Deep,’ so there may be minor tear marks on the surface of the paper around the painting itself.

Each oceanscape inspiration was created on paper using professional acrylic paint. What shows up as yellow in the photos is actually a bronze-gold. The Ocean Studies are unframed original works on paper inspired by the Maritime seascapes. Please contact me if you would like a quote to have the painting professionally matted and framed.

Dimensions: 12”x8.8”

Commission - Song of the Deep


‘Song of the Deep’ was a commissioned painting of waves and light, forming the silent moments one encounters underwater. The painting was based on an idea the client had, then explored through a series of mini paintings on paper before the final design was chosen, colours tweaked and painted on stretched canvas (image directly above). Dimensions: 11”x14”x1.5”.

It looks amazing! I love the work that you’ve done! Thank you for doing this!
— Ariel

Poetry in Motion II


These are paintings that are included in a particular body of work, but have been part of my creative process this year.

(Left): ‘Let’s Hygge Together,’ was painted for the Hygge Show at Argyle Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Winter 2018). It is based on a photograph I took while travelling - the narrow space where the cafe has been placed struck me as an intimate space where stories can be found in the making. To add to this intimacy, I added two figures engaged in private conversation and removed all the other figures that would have been in the background. The crepes sign was also added as a touch of whimsy and if you look closely, you may spot a spelling mistake! I decided to leave that there since that’s just what a busy cafe owner may do… :) Dimensions: 12”x12”x1.5” Private Collection

(Middle): ‘That Summer When,’ began life as an abstract. The abstract that desired to be a landscape, so after multiple restarts, it blossomed into a landscape. This landscape is an emotional  response to the gathering of gifts of contemplation, tranquility, peace and quiet, and the moments of slowing down with each visit to Cape Breton. Perhaps your connection with places where you can be yourself is elsewhere, but the same gifts resonate with you. Dimensions: 14"x14"x1.8" AVAILABLE - please inquire.

(Right): ‘Rest Easy’: All too often we get carried away by the to-dos, the 'coulds' and the 'shoulds'. 'Rest Easy' is reminisces over basking together under the summer sun, with feet dangling from a boulder, overlooking a lake. Visiting these moments, even in our memories is a way of resting, and in true rest we find sustainability and the ability to rest assured in what really matters. Dimensions: 10"x10"x1.5" SOLD