Be inspired by healing landscapes and soulful abstracts, made especially for you.

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Browse art created from a soulful place, painted to speak the languages of what is beautiful, honest, healing and soothing.

Art isn’t just for the ‘Don’t Touch’ wall in a museum, it can be a living, breathing part of our homes

My Story

After finishing teacher’s college, I taught painting in some of Toronto’s hottest date spots for a few years. This all came to a sudden halt after a concussion and burn out resulted in short-term memory loss.

During my recovery, I found it hard to do the simplest tasks - reading for example, hurt my head. Although the ‘brain fog’ made me feel tired all the time ('My brain is tired,’ became a very physical thing) and concentrating was taxing, it also made me question my worth and I became very bored and frustrated. It was in this time that I decided to paint therapeutically as a form of expression, to give my dream a real shot.

So I started sharing my work on Instagram and eventually launched a website and shop. This turned out to be a life-changing moment leading to new friendships and surprises in bringing delight through my art.

Find out more about my story and art here.

My desire is to create art that capture the moments that take your breath away, where your senses are uplifted and transformed into a lingering memory.

Healing Landscapes

Are you a busy town or city dweller longing to get away but never seem to find enough time to recharge your soul in nature?

Something about walks on the beach and breathing in deeply the scent of spring rains and the woods can calm the mind like nothing else.

My landscapes are a raw response to earth’s beauty that ease tension in the form of glimpses of soul-healing moments - like the dappled light on water in the stillness of the morning.

Browse available landscapes that soothe, or speak with me about creating one just for you - one from a secret favourite place of yours, when you captured the moment just right.

You know that feeling of being moved by something unexplainable? A stirring song, a beautiful dance, a tale, a memory.

Though intangible, these moments of clarity are important because they can make you feel deeply moved and alive. Moments like the day you realized you were in love with your best friend and he loved you too. Or watching a meteor shower, in awe of such magnificence while feeling small, yet significant.

My abstracts are derived from meaningful - sometimes fleeting - moments. Though invisible, these moments can give value to our lives and tell stories.

Browse available abstracts that inspire, or speak to me about creating one just for you - one that helps you press pause and remember a lingering memory.


Ever wondered what the artist life is like?
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